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Weathering Steel

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Weathering Steel

Weathering steel is one of the most popular materials in Australia, with its warm earthy colours reflecting the unique natural landscape. It has been in wide use for almost one hundred years and offers an extensive range of profiles to suit any building project. Weathering steel adds a dramatic edge to a build, with its appearance changing organically over time. This oxidisation process creates a stunning visual effect, while maintaining the strength, performance and durability that makes steel such a fantastic building material.


Weathering steel is one of the strongest steels available on the market, frequently used in engineered constructions such as bridges. This strength gives you peace of mind when using weathering steel in a building project.

Weather Resistance

Weathering steel has superior weather resistance capabilities when compared to standard steels, which makes it a good option for withstanding harsh elements and perfect for building within the unpredictable Australian landscape.

Low Maintenance

This type of steel requires very low maintenance to perform well over time. Weathering steel will require very little expense for upkeep after the cost of installation, making it more cost efficient that other steel alternatives over its service life.

Key Benefit Four

Unlike some cladding materials that need frequent upkeep to retain their appearance, a façade of weathering steel improves over time. The organic change to the patina gives weathering steel a unique and architectural appearance.

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