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Unicote Steel

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Unicote Steel

UniCote are one of the nation’s fastest growing steel distributors and one of the world’s biggest pre-painted steel organisations. Together, UniCote offers a premium quality of pre-painted metal products that are thoroughly designed and tested for the Australian market and climate. It is an affordable and long-term solution for all roofing and cladding needs. In addition, builders and homeowners have a range of choice. There are over 15 colours to choose – from gull grey to the darkness of monolith.

Key Benefit One

UniCote products have a strong scratch resistance. They have been thoroughly tested using the needle scratch test, which tests paint surface markings when a needle with a 2kg weight is pulled across.

Key Benefit Two

Their products are humidity resistant and fire tested. They are designed to meet strict Australian Standards, including AS/NZS 2728:2013 sections 2.8 and 2.9 and AS/NZS 1530.3 for building materials.

Key Benefit Three

All UniCote products have past the bend test. They are proven to show no loss of adhesion or cracking within the paint when bent around a diameter that is around five times the thickness of the sheet.

Key Benefit Four

All UniCote products are designed to be long-lasting. They retain their colour and formability – even during Australia’s harshest of weather conditions – giving them an edge over similar products in the market.

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Unicote® LUX Finishes


Zinc Graphite

Corten Red

Weathered Iron

Metal Stone

Silver Quartz

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