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Titanium Zinc

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Titanium Zinc

Titanium zinc is no stranger to buildings. The material has been used in all types of building projects for over 200 years. It is a sustainable material that does not rust, which makes it a favourable choice for builders and homeowners alike. In fact, it has even been used to create some of Australia’s most famous metal façades. Overall, it creates a smooth and aesthetically pleasing barrier against all types of extreme weather events.


As a non-ferrous material, which refers to its metallic properties, titanium zinc is guaranteed not to rust with age. This is a significant advantage that has been the foundation for builders and homeowners selecting titanium zinc.


Titanium zinc boasts a long lifespan because of its surface depth. As such, it presents builders and homeowners with security and peace of mind when selecting materials and constructing a property.

Colour Range

While grey and black may be the most popular colours, there is an expansive range of titanium zinc colours available to meet the needs of any project. These colours can be used to give the property some added character.


Overall, titanium zinc is a durable and strong material. This is a key requirement for builders who are working on larger projects. It is also a lightweight material, which saves on production and installation costs.

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