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Founded in 1866, Aurubis has today become a world leader in the development of non-ferrous metals. The company develops intermediate products that come from recycled materials and copper concentrates. Aurubis’ 7,000 staff are employed to create over one million tonnes of copper products each year. The company’s production sites in the United States and Europe provide endless opportunities for copper in the building and construction sectors.

Natural Oxidisation

Aurubis’ products boast natural oxidisation, which creates a striking profile throughout time. It also grants a long-term lifespan to make it the perfect choice for projects that require a dramatic façade.


Their materials are durable and designed to deliver endless opportunities for modern and classic façade and construction projects. Therefore, it is a favourable choice for creative builders who are interested in building something unique.


Copper is a timeless material that can last for over 100 years, which makes it an economical choice for builders and homeowners – particularly those who lives in areas that are impacted by extreme weather.


Copper is one of the world’s most fireproof roofing materials. As such, it is a sure-fire winner for homes and structures in bushfire prone areas. Additionally, it is water-resistant, which ensures increased safety for roofing.

Industry Cladding

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Industry Cladding

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