Armed with rigorous quality, safety and management systems and a team of dedicated professionals, we deliver detailed project tenders designed to answer any questions you might have. From our methodology and a list of suggested materials, through to installation and erection schedules, our tender documentation is crystal clear and on-point.

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We work closely with architects and builder during the planning and design phase to help validate design concepts and overcome challenges. With a workable methodology bedded down early, you can rest assured that all our metal work will be easy to assemble, install and erect. This ensures that there’s no expensive rework or replacement required — your project won’t be delayed.



Can’t decide between copper, Corten or zinc? Tossing up between Monument and Ironstone? Unlike our competitors, we’re more than happy to source materials and provide samples in a range of colours. We collaborate with architects and builders to tailor a cladding solution that considers factors like environmental constraints, natural surrounds, heritage requirements, and aesthetics.

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Not sure how to bring your vision to life? Or maybe you’re wondering if it can be achieved at all? Leave it to us — we’ve worked on some of Victoria and New South Wales most challenging cladding projects to date. Our prototyping capabilities not only bring your project to life but help de-risk it. We work through the kinks well before we get to site, keeping your project on schedule and on budget.

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With our own factory in Bacchus Marsh, manned by some of the best in the business, we manufacture, fabricate and roll-form all of our own materials, materials, including wall and roof cladding profiles in line with the most unique, site-specific designs. This gives us complete control over even the tightest project timeframe — we don’t have to rely on third-party suppliers to meet construction schedules.

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Prefabrication and modularisation of façade components is another handy tool in our arsenal. By designing, fabricating and assembling offsite in the controlled environment of our Bacchus Marsh workshop, we’re able to reduce waste, increase construction efficiency, and free up space on your construction site to help speed up your build.

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It goes without saying that we erect and install cladding and roofing to the highest standards possible. We’re so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we provide a water-tight guarantee for all façades (as per the Victorian Building Authority’s regulations). To do so, we carry out rigorous testing and inspections on-site once our installation team is finished.

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Want the job done, without the stress of all the logistics? That’s where our complete project management services come in handy. There’s no need to deal with multiple contractors, battle with several suppliers, or drown in a sea of paperwork. We can manage your cladding and roofing project from start to finish. Sit back. Relax. We’ve got it under control.

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