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Copper may have an atomic number of 29 but it ranks first for its durability and softness. This metal boasts soft, ductile, and malleable properties, which are favourable among builders and homeowners working on earthy builds. It is a natural material that changes colour throughout time – beginning as a bright orange and then transitioning through to blue, green, brown, and even black. The metal oxidises when it is exposed to the atmosphere for a long-term period, however it can be treated early to prevent any significant impacts.


Copper is resistant to corrosion, bushfires, and pests – all of which are prominent in the Australian landscape. It is a sure-fire winner for rural and regional homes where the threat of natural hazards remains high.


Copper is incredibly durable. When installed correctly, it can last for over a century. Therefore, it is crucial for all types of projects as it adds to the overall longevity and beauty of the property.


It is a lightweight material that does not place any ongoing stress on the overall structure of a building. Builders and homeowners alike can place their faith in copper for its safety and security on projects of all sizes.


It is also a highly recyclable material, which makes it very environmentally friendly. The impacts on human health are also low, as the metal has been proven to be non-carcinogenic or toxic under its typical conditions of use.

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