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The sustainability and flexibility of aluminium gives it a superior edge over other similar materials. It has a density that is lower than other metals, like around one third that of steel. It is an efficient choice for cladding, and large-scale buildings like stadiums and arenas. In addition, aluminium is designed to absorb heat, which prevents it from impacting the inside of a building. As such, it can expand for enhanced breathability and workability. It is also age resistant, which means it is a long-term choice for builders and homeowners alike.


Aluminium cladding is lightweight, which grants builders an array of choice and ease when manipulating it for projects of all shapes and sizes. This is a key consideration for projects that require flexible materials.


Aluminium still offers a strength that is favourable for larger projects. It places little pressure on buildings, which means it reduces the overall stress load and makes it a popular choice for large projects.

Cost Efficient

Aluminium is low cost and requires extraordinarily little maintenance over time. Its durability and versatility are not matched by other similar materials, granting it an array of exceptional spanning capabilities.


It has a strong residual value and is completely recyclable. Therefore, aluminium is a more environmentally secure choice. Around five per cent of the energy that goes into producing aluminium is required for recycling it.

Industry Cladding

Euramax® Aluminium Finishes

Dark Grey Metallic
Jet Black
Urban Grey

Ultra Matte Grey Black

Matte Dark Bronze

Patina III

Cyprus Oxide

Industry Cladding

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