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VM Zinc

Since 1837, the VM Zinc brand has represented a variety of titanium-zinc products, like coils, sheets, and other manufactured materials or systems. Their products are 99.99 per cent pure zinc. However, they incorporate elements of copper, aluminium, and titanium, which strengthens the overall material. The material is used for manufacturing some of the world’s highest quality of rolled zinc, which is crucial for external roofing, cladding and rainwater-like systems. Today, VM Zinc continue to be an important consideration for innovative thinkers, builders, and homeowners across the market.

Key Benefit One

Throughout their experience, the VM Zinc has developed a strong idea of industry trends. This has led to the development of innovative solutions that utilise their materials’ properties to create striking products.

Key Benefit Two

Because zinc boasts a smooth texture and a matte finish, it allows the material to look impressive on any type of project. VM Zinc understand this, as they seek to capitalise on these properties for an enhanced finish.

Key Benefit Three

VM Zinc can adapt to a range of environments and settings. They offer a range of materials and systems that cover property façades across a range of sectors, including new constructions and renovation.

Key Benefit Four

Zinc is a durable, malleable, and flexible material that is favourable for builders. These properties all guarantee long-term usage, which is critical in the building and construction sector.

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