Project Description

ARCHITECT: Woods Bagot


MATERIAL: 0.7 VM Zinc Quartz Standing Seam, Spandek®, VitraDual, Klip-lok®


  • Supply and install VM Zinc standing seam façade cladding
  • Supply and install Spandek® to plant screen and level eight walls
  • Supply and install VitraDual to soffits
  • Supply and install Klip-lok® Colorbond to roofs

METERAGE: 5063m2



Boasting one of the most futuristic architectural exterior designs in the country, the new $110 million Deakin Law School building at the university’s Burwood campus in Melbourne features a tapered curved façade. When combined with the seamless transition formed between three individual building ‘pods’ stacked on top of one another, the curved façade creates a uniquely bold, sleek finish.

Industry Cladding & Roofing Industry Cladding & Roofing not only installed the 7,000 panels required to clad the curvaceous façade, we also manufactured the panels at our Bacchus March factory.

This is the first project in Australia, and possibly internationally, to feature a three-dimensional curving system that runs throughout the complete façade package.

As a result of this three-dimensional curve, we had to individually hand form 30% of the panels. Our on-site team measured and templated each panel, which was then hand crafted by the team in our factory. This meant we had a crew of 25 people on-site every day for the course of 12 months to ensure every aspect was properly managed from tender, right through to completion.

In addition to superior levels of craftsmanship, material specification was essential to the successful delivery of the project.

Fifty tonne of Zinc flat coil was turned into curved standing seam to achieve the desired look, making this one of the largest ever orders of VM Zinc in Australia. VM Zinc was selected because of its malleable nature.

VM Zinc is also exceptionally durable. It offers a design life of 100 years, so long as the ventilation in the cladding is designed to enable air flow at both the front and the rear of the panel, which we achieved through exceptionally detailed early stage planning.

The planning required for this project was quite extensive. Woods Bagot engaged Industry Cladding & Roofing in the early planning stages of the project due to our strong track record, and extensive industry knowledge and expertise. We undertook trials and extensive prototyping long before construction commenced.

In addition to our work on the façade, Industry Cladding & Roofing also supplied and installed Spandek® to the building’s plant screen and level eight walls, VitraDual to the soffits, and Klip-lok® Colorbond® to its roofs.

Despite the challenges associated with the project, we completed our contract within just eight months. We commenced work in November 2019, and were finished on-site by July 2020.

Designed by Woods Bagot and built by Watpac, the eight-storey Deakin Law School building will provide over 20,000m2 of learning and teaching spaces (including a moot court and lecture theatre), student wellbeing areas, staff work areas, and underground car parking.

For further information about how the Deakin Law School building will enable architects and engineers to challenge traditional building concepts and create masterpieces that would be almost impossible to realise using other construction materials, read [Construction Complete On Deakin University 3D Curving Façade Cladding].