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Assembly North Melbourne

CBUS Property had a unique vision for the four-storey Assembly Apartments development in North Melbourne. It is the first building in Melbourne to feature standing seam cladding over 70% of the externals, with a seamless finish from the walls, right up and over the roof. Builder L.U. Simon approached us early in the design phase to iron out whether the complex interconnecting wall cladding and roofing could be completed by a single contractor to ensure a perfectly consistent finish across the entire building. After weeks of in-depth detailing and programming, Industry Cladding & Roofing signed on the dotted line, confident that we’d be able to deliver the within a strict seven month timeframe, despite the complexity. We were right. The bulk of the 6,000m2 of aluminium cladding required either careful onsite fabrication or custom shop drawings for production in our factory. Our uniquely designed box gutter enables the architectural lines to wrap up and over, hiding the stormwater system from view. Comprised of four separate buildings, all clad in a mixture of natural materials such as metals, zinc and concrete, the finish is truly exceptional. The project delivers on the vision of the client for a warehouse-inspired look that references the sawtooth roofed factories in the local neighbourhood.

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