Project Description

ARCHITECT: Woods Baggot


CLIENT: BUS Property

SCOPE OF WORKS: Standing Seam Cladding & Roofing in Aluminium across four buildings.

METERAGE: 6300m2



LU Simon’s design team approached us to discuss the possibilities of this complex project involving interconnecting wall cladding and roofing all being completed by one contractor. There were concerns that this scope of works would require separate professionals to supply and install the standing seam but after initial meetings these concerns were alleviated and the builder was confident that we could deliver their vision.

The client CBUS had a unique vision for this development, with the four separate buildings clad in a mix of concrete and metal to create a boutique living destination. This made it a Melbourne first to have standing seam run over 70% of the 4-storey building with a seamless finish from the walls and right over the roof.

After weeks of involved detailing and programming, our directors agreed to take on the contract and terms that would see the project finished within a strict 7 month time frame.

The bulk of the 6000sqm of aluminium cladding required onsite fabrication or custom shop drawing for production in our factory, which involved strict time constraints and project management to maintain the program and allow our fellow trades to fall in behind us once water tight.

The unique box gutter allowed the building lines to wrap up and over and hide the view of all storm-water concealed systems.

One of the projects biggest challenges was substituting the combustible ply substrate to a non-combustible Spandek® profile substrate. The installation of the Spandek® was an easy task however installing the standing seam system directly onto a new type of substrate saw our 30 strong team faced with some challenges but all solved and delivered within budget and hitting program dates.

The finished cladding product is a now a showpiece for our company due to the exceptional level of finish achieved on this distinctive project brief.