At Industry Cladding & Roofing, our partnerships with cladding panel manufacturers allow us to provide a range of profiles to fit all projects and budgets. We understand the varied needs of construction companies across the country and can offer solutions to help them complete their projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The architectural cladding systems we offer are the ideal choice for use in a range of commercial and residential properties, providing bold contemporary design to any exterior or interior space. Built to last, our architectural cladding solutions comply with all relevant Australian regulations, ensuring they retain their appearance and functionality for years to come.

Products for All Applications

Our facade cladding systems, cladding panels and other products have been used in a wide variety of projects. Our roofing products can be seen in such projects as the transformation of a Brunswick bakery into the Tip Top apartment and townhouse complex, or the redevelopment of the iconic 140-year-old Dimmey’s bargain store in Richmond into a state-of-the-art grocery store and New York-style apartment complex. Our expertise and the flexibility of our range means our Melbourne architectural cladding is appropriate for use in buildings of any design and style, playing a leading role in shaping the overall aesthetics and silhouette of the building itself.

We’ve partnered with respected architects and builders for architectural cladding installation in Melbourne, including Rothe Lowman, Elenberg Fraser, Icon Construction, Hutchinson’s, Buildcorp, Hamilton Marino, Kane Constructions, Intracon, Hacer Group, and Merkon, working collaboratively towards success, creating stunning results every time.

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Led by an experienced executive team with more than three decades of experience in architectural cladding systems between them – and supported by a reliable supply line of some of the best suppliers and distributors in Australia – Industry Cladding & Roofing is well-equipped to meet whatever challenge your project faces with innovative solutions.

Call us today at our Melbourne office on (03) 5367 0613 or send us a message via our enquiry form or through email at to discuss our architectural cladding solutions.