When installed properly and appropriate considerations are taken to assure its surroundings are suitable, zinc is an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and beneficial alternative for wall cladding and roofing. Very few metals, practical for use in building design, offer such an attractive array of characteristics, making zinc an easy choice for many designers. Its architectural appeal is continually growing as more designers are realizing the benefits of this beautiful metal. So whether you are an owner, designer or contractor, the next time you are faced with an opportunity to specify metal, think zinc!

Industry Cladding and Roofing can provide an wide variety of options to suit any project and budget, our extensive experience in the application of zinc products means you can have the confidence that your project is in good hands. Discuss your needs with our team today or continue reading to find out why zinc is a popular choice.


Have a look at our latest Zinc project “Monash University business school”

Monash Business School


Monash University Business School Project
Monash University Business school - Standing seam roof and Adeka panels in custom gold colour from VMZINC
Monash University Business school - Flat lock zinc panels in custom gold