Aluminium cladding from Industry Cladding & Roofing is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to manipulate for various projects. The strength of aluminium also makes it extremely versatile, especially for large projects where its lightness means it puts very little pressure on a building. This is why aluminium cladding panels are commonly seen in sports areas and large halls across Melbourne.

Projects using Aluminium


Aluminium (pictured above) has a built in corrosion resistance.
It can stand unprotected where it is subject to the aggressive elements.
Aluminium is age resistant, non -sensitive to UV rays and reflects heat.
It is durable and versatile.
Little or no maintenance required.
Exceptional spanning capabilities.
High residual value.
Low cost over life of building.

The Benefits of Aluminium Cladding Panels

Thermal Protection

The design of aluminium cladding systems means the cladding absorbs heat, preventing it from affecting the internal area of a building – particularly when the aluminium has been painted a light colour. Aluminium is also far more flexible than other materials such as steel, allowing it to expand significantly in heat for more breathability.

Environmentally Sound

Cladding made from aluminium is fully recyclable, as it is a material that can be reused time and time again for generations. Only 5% of the energy that goes into producing aluminium is needed for recycling it, making it incredibly efficient to recycle.

Life Expectancy

Due to its extreme durability, aluminium cladding in Melbourne lasts a long time. As it’s resistant to aggressive elements such as UV rays and extreme heat, it requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime.

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