Why We Stand Apart from the Competition

At Industry Cladding & Roofing, we’re proud to be a leading architectural cladding company in Melbourne, offering clients a wide range of residential and commercial cladding solutions. From the beginning of each project, we work closely with our clients on the design process, ensuring the materials chosen are right for their project. We also aim to help our clients achieve their budget and project goals. Thanks to our detailed processes, we can reduce costs and ensure the project runs smoothly once it’s underway.

Large Scale Projects Are Our Specialty

Industry Cladding & Roofing has just spent the last four months providing design consultation on a large scale residential apartment block called Illume, in New South Wales. Working with Mako Architecture and Richard Crookes Constructions, we are just a week away from starting on the building site, where we are about to install 5000 square metres of architectural cladding across the facade. The finished product should look outstanding!

When it comes to architectural cladding in Australia, you can trust us to get the job done. It’s not just our detailed knowledge of construction, engineering, fire ratings and corrosion testing that sets us apart from our competitors, but also our years of experience and unwavering passion for what we do. We’re also proud to offer project management and collaboration between our office support staff and onsite project managers.

All our staff have years of experience working with metal cladding systems and possess the necessary knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of different products. This allows them to problem solve onsite without delay and find alternative solutions that suit the look of the project, resulting in a seamless finish that we pride ourselves on.

For superior quality architectural cladding solutions for the commercial and residential sectors in Australia, contact Industry Cladding & Roofing today.

Standing Seam Cladding Melbourne - Monash University Business School Project

Monash University Business School Project Update

The Monash University Business School project is almost complete and the result is nothing short of perfection, thanks largely in part to the shared vision of all builders and organisations involved.

Designed by NH Architecture and developed by Kane Constructions, this project had our roofing specialists in Melbourne excited from the very beginning. The use of Adeka panel alongside the flatlock and standing seam cladding gave this project such an individual look. The contrasting textures are a real standout feature of the exterior design, and bringing that to life was really rewarding for our team.

The Input from Our Roofing Specialists in Melbourne

Our scope of works for the Monash University Business School was to supply and install 1300m2 of Adeka cladding, flat lock cladding, standing seam cladding and roofing, including substrates and stainless box gutters. This was all installed on the new free-standing function pavilion, which is located on the existing level eight terrace. All material was VM Zinc in custom colour gold.

The Benefits of Standing Seam for Roofing

Standing seam cladding offers a wealth of benefits. There’s an almost endless array of design possibilities, with a variety of colours and finishes available as well as the ability to manipulate it into a range of shapes. Combine the standing seam with the Adeka panel and flatlock used for the Business School project and those design possibilities open up exponentially.

Standing seam cladding in Melbourne also offers flexibility on the sizes of the sheeting. Additionally, it boasts high sustainability and thermal performance, plus it’s ideal for buildings that demand an extra level of security.

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Zinnia Project

Zinnia Project Update

Together with Intracon, Industry Cladding & Roofing has been working away on this project for the last few months and it’s almost complete. Totalling 1000m2 of standing seam roof and facade cladding, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project. We really love how well the colours and textures of these materials work together and we feel that the finished product really does speak for itself.

Standing Seam Cladding

Standing seam cladding around Melbourne is our specialty. This form of cladding uses wide, flat panels that overlap with a defined seam, creating a stunning design element. The straight lines are dynamic and give a low maintenance design that will stand the test of time. The metals used in this project are weather and rust resistant, ensuring the building will retain its stunning aesthetic for years to come.

The standing seam roof and facade are the real features of this project. A product loved by many builders and architects for its traditional design, standing seam offers freedom in design as it can adapt and complement almost any roof shape.

The Result

The Charcoal Black and Golden Bark Express Panel facade references both the local buildings and natural environment, providing a rare opportunity to inhabit a modern dwelling at the gateway to Yarraville and its greater retail and commercial precinct.

All products used on this project have been supplied to us by Archclad, including the standing seam cladding in Silver Grey for walls and roof, and the Charcoal Black and Golden Bark Express Panel for the facade.