Construction Complete On Deakin University 3D Curving Façade Cladding


Boasts Australian-first three-dimensional curving façade system built with the largest ever orders of VM Zinc in Australia.

Construction is now complete on the new $110 million Deakin Law School building at the university’s Burwood campus in Melbourne. Boasting one of the most futuristic architectural exterior designs in the country, the building features a tapered curved façade—marked by a seamless transition between three individual building ‘pods’ stacked on top of one another—that creates a uniquely bold, sleek finish.

Individually Hand-Formed Panels

Industry Cladding & Roofing not only installed the 7,000 panels required to clad the curvaceous façade. We also manufactured the panels at our Bacchus March factory, many of which had to be individually hand formed.
According to our Managing Director, Grant Wright, “Each panel not only had to curve, but taper. Imagine peeling an orange: every segment curved around, as well as up and down. This is the first project in Australia, and possibly internationally, to feature a three-dimensional curving system that runs throughout the complete façade package.”

“As a result of this three-dimensional curve, approximately 30% of the panels had to be individually hand formed. There was simply no machinery available to manufacture the panels to the exacting specifications required; just 3mm out was unacceptable. Instead, our on-site team measured and templated each panel, which was then hand crafted by the team in our factory. This meant we had a crew of 25 people on-site every day for the course of 12 months to ensure every aspect was properly managed from tender, right through to completion,” said Wright.

This was the first project for which Industry Cladding & Roofing manufactured all panels in-house. This was achieved through the new arm of our business: Industry Metals. Launched in early 2020, the capabilities of Industry Metals have enabled us to streamline our workflow even further and continue delivering projects to the highest standards, within the most efficient time frame possible.

VM Zinc: An Exceptionally Durable, Pliable Material

In addition to superior levels of craftsmanship, material specification was essential to the successful delivery of the project. This is why zinc cladding was our material of choice. “Fifty tonne of Zinc flat coil was turned into curved standing seam to achieve the desired look, making this one of the largest ever orders of VM Zinc in Australia.

VM Zinc was selected because of its malleable nature. While it is twice as heavy as normal cladding, it is also twice as malleable. In fact, it is one of the most pliable products on the market, which ensured it could be curved in two directions through one panel,” said Wright.  “The architects, Woods Bagot, also wanted a natural, living product install on the façade. VM Zinc naturally weathers from its initial lustrous shine to a beautifully textured matte-grey patina.” “Plus, VM Zinc is exceptionally durable. It offers a design life of 100 years, so long as the ventilation in the cladding is designed to enable air flow at both the front and the rear of the panel, which we achieved through exceptionally detailed early stage planning.”
The planning involved in the use of VM Zinc for this project was quite extensive. To ensure that that the panels were afforded the necessary ventilation, some of the flashings were perforated to enable air flow over the ridge and across to the other side. Without this exacting ventilation design, excess condensation can form on the underside of the panels, creating a white patina. In addition to our work on the façade, Industry Cladding & Roofing also supplied and installed Spandek® to the building’s plant screen and level eight walls, VitraDual to the soffits, and Klip-lok® Colorbond® to its roofs.

Counter Lever Design Makes Access a Challenge

Another of the unique challenges associated with the construction of the Deakin University Law Building was accessibility. Due to the unusual counter lever design of the building, the installation of scaffolding and safety rail was near impossible in some sections. As a result, in some sections, our on-site crew had to work off access equipment. Despite all the challenges associated with the project, we completed our contract within just eight months. We commenced work in November 2019, and were finished on-site by July 2020.

Early Stage Planning & Collaboration: Essential to Project Success

Woods Bagot engaged Industry Cladding & Roofing in the early planning stages of the project due to our strong track record, and extensive industry knowledge and expertise. “We’d worked with Woods Bagot before, on the Assembly Project in North Melbourne in 2017. Woods Bagot approached us because they knew we would invest the time required to devise a
cladding system that would work. We undertook trials and extensive prototyping long before construction commenced. This early engagement enabled us to determine what was possible,” said Wright.

“The pre-planning stage and the work that went in around boardroom tables prior to the commencement of construction was just as big a job as the installation of the cladding. The on-site work is obviously exceptional—you can see that in the finish. But the hours and hours spent in meeting rooms—while unseen—are so critical to finishing the job and handing the building over to the client on time.”

“The project was a true collaborative effort between architects, builders and our incredible team to achieve the high-level of craftsmanship and bring Woods Bagot’s impressive architectural vision to life,” said Wright.

“Our dedicated team of experts is what makes projects like this possible. Our estimators and project managers understand the complexity of these types of projects and what it takes to achieve the desired outcome. Our on-site crew are experts in their trade. They have worked on some of the most unique projects in Melbourne’s development landscape,” said Grant.

Creating Architectural Masterpieces with Cladding

“This project demonstrates to industry just how flexible cladding can be. It enables architects and engineers to challenge traditional building concepts and create masterpieces that would be difficult to realise using other construction materials. Cladding resolves so many design issues and allows interesting treatments of angles and corners to create an almost infinite variety of shapes. The sky really is the limit when it comes to cladding systems—anything is possible with the right team in
place,” said Wright.

Designed by Woods Bagot and built by Watpac, the eight-storey Deakin Law School building will provide over 20,000m 2 of learning and teaching spaces (including a moot court and lecture theatre), student wellbeing areas, staff work areas, and underground car parking.

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Industry Cladding & Roofing Wins ASI 2020 Victorian Steel Excellence Award

Industry Cladding & Roofing is excited to announce that, in conjunction with Dynamic Steel Frame, we have been awarded an Australian Steel Institute (ASI) 2020 Victorian Steel Excellence Award. Our work on the $30 million Latrobe Valley GovHub took out this year’s top prize in the Steel Clad Structures category.

A three-storey regional employment centre, the GovHub features the world’s largest light gauge steel-clad façade modules.

According to Grant Wright (Director, Industry Cladding & Roofing), “We are extremely proud to be recognised by the Australian Steel Institute. The 2020 Steel Excellence Award is recognition of our unique approach to a project of this magnitude—an approach that combined out-of-the-box thinking and blue collar know-how to deliver a truly amazing finish with a level of detail and accuracy that is second to none. ”

“With its striking design solution that both stands out and complements its natural surroundings, the GovHub delivers a truly timeless aesthetic backed by exceptional engineering and workmanship. I am proud that our team was able to turn Castlerock Property and WMK Architecture’s vision into reality,” said Wright.

Cutting Edge Engineering and Detailed Prototyping

This innovative design of the GovHub required cutting-edge engineering and a detailed prototyping process that saw us modularise the façade’s construction. Modularisation enabled us to meet the dramatically accelerated timeframe required by the architect and builder—all without compromising on quality, safety or finish.

We fabricated and installed 18 light gauge steel-clad modules, which were craned into position and hooked onto the building. Each of the modules was 8m wide and 14.5m high, and comprised over 3 tonnes of BlueScope’s TRUECORE® steel.

Prefabricating and cladding the modules off-site required design and development of an innovative system, which saw us clad directly onto the framework (rather than the traditional secondary layer of framing). To do this, members and studs had to be positioned in the exact right way, and all connections required millimetre perfect engineering. The effort was well worth it: time on-site was cut by 25%, and costs were slashed by $1 million.

An Exceptional Finish

The façade and roofline of the GovHub were designed to represent the LaTrobe Valley’s industry history, forming the shape of bucket wheel dredgers. The detail in each module is exceptional. Over 4,000m2 of COLORBOND® standing seam cladding and roofing contrasts with the timber-look UniCote® LUX Ashwood interlocking panels used on the external walls and soffits. We also supplied and installed over 2,000m2 of KLIP-LOK® roofing, box gutters and ridge capping.

For more information, watch our video about the construction of the GovHub.

About the ASI Steel Excellence Awards

Held every two years, the ASI’s Steel Excellence Awards celebrate high standards across all elements of the Australian steel supply chain. Award criteria is focused on elements such as design merit, construction efficiency, environmental sustainability and buildability.

We will now vie for honours in the ASI’s National Steel Excellence Awards, with the winner to be announced later this month.

You can watch the ASI’s winner announcement here.

Architect | WMK Architecture
Builder | Castlerock Property
Facade Contractor | Industry Cladding & Roofing
Steel Frame Fabricator | Dynamic Steel Frame

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One-stop shop for builders and architects with complete customisation of metal cladding

Industry Cladding & Roofing is now a one-stop shop for builders and architects. The launch of their metal manufacturing division, Industry Metals, allows the complete customisation of metal cladding systems for each individual project or building. The market-leading and innovative company has invested in state of the art roll forming machinery that produces a wide range of cladding profiles.
Industry Cladding & Roofing Managing Director Grant Wright says that this significantly improves and streamlines processes, allowing the company to deliver projects to the highest level of standards – across service and product.
“We can now manage the entire process from design criteria and specifications, material procurement, product manufacture and quality installation. One experienced internal team control all the elements from tender to job completion,” he says. “This gives us the ability to maintain onsite progress without downtime and the reliance on external partners,” explains Mr Wright.
Deakin University in Burwood is the flagship project for the new service. Industry Cladding & Roofing produced and installed all cladding metals, bringing an architectural vision to life. “It is exciting for us to see this new area of our business have an impact on project delivery dates for clients and stakeholders. What we can now offer is taking our business to the next level,” says Mr Wright.

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Blue collar know-how pushes the boundaries of modern day construction

The GovHub features the world’s largest light gauge steel-clad façade modules. While a design of this magnitude is theoretically possible, in the real-world, the on-site challenges can be an uphill battle.
Overcoming these challenges, Industry Cladding & Roofing along with their partners engineered, fabricated and installed the façade, complete with 18 light gauge steel modules craned into position and hooked onto the building. Each module was 8m wide and 14.5m high, and comprised over 3 tonnes of Truecore® steel.
Industry Cladding & Roofing also supplied and installed: over 4,000m2 of COLORBOND steel standing seam cladding and roofing and UniCote Steel LUX Ashwood interlocking panels for the GovHub’s external walls, and soffits; as well as over 2,000m2 of Klip-Lok® roofing, box gutters and ridge capping.
Collaboration between the client, local government and associated trades, combined with extensive construction experience and knowledge, ensured that the architect’s design intent was achieved.
Discover how an approach defined by collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking and blue collar know-how pushed the boundaries of modern day construction for a spectacularly rewarding result.
Architect | WMK Architecture
Builder | Castlerock Property
Facade Contractor | Industry Cladding & Roofing
Steel Frame Fabricator | Dynamic Steel Frame
Video | Peter Marko Photography

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Avenue, Brighton East

Avenue, Brighton East on show

Redefining modern living, Avenue is a coveted collection of luxuriously appointed townhomes in one of Melbourne’s best Bayside locations.

This week the project was revealed with the scaffold coming down to display a stunning facade. Zinc Quartz Standing Seam is the material used. Stay tuned over the coming months as the project develops.
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Why We Stand Apart from the Competition

At Industry Cladding & Roofing, we’re proud to be a leading architectural cladding company in Melbourne, offering clients a wide range of residential and commercial cladding solutions. From the beginning of each project, we work closely with our clients on the design process, ensuring the materials chosen are right for their project. We also aim to help our clients achieve their budget and project goals. Thanks to our detailed processes, we can reduce costs and ensure the project runs smoothly once it’s underway.

Large Scale Projects Are Our Specialty

Industry Cladding & Roofing has just spent the last four months providing design consultation on a large scale residential apartment block called Illume, in New South Wales. Working with Mako Architecture and Richard Crookes Constructions, we are just a week away from starting on the building site, where we are about to install 5000 square metres of architectural cladding across the facade. The finished product should look outstanding!

When it comes to architectural cladding in Australia, you can trust us to get the job done. It’s not just our detailed knowledge of construction, engineering, fire ratings and corrosion testing that sets us apart from our competitors, but also our years of experience and unwavering passion for what we do. We’re also proud to offer project management and collaboration between our office support staff and onsite project managers.

All our staff have years of experience working with metal cladding systems and possess the necessary knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of different products. This allows them to problem solve onsite without delay and find alternative solutions that suit the look of the project, resulting in a seamless finish that we pride ourselves on.

For superior quality architectural cladding solutions for the commercial and residential sectors in Australia, contact Industry Cladding & Roofing today.

Standing Seam Cladding Melbourne - Monash University Business School Project

Monash University Business School Project Update

The Monash University Business School project is almost complete and the result is nothing short of perfection, thanks largely in part to the shared vision of all builders and organisations involved.

Designed by NH Architecture and developed by Kane Constructions, this project had our roofing specialists in Melbourne excited from the very beginning. The use of Adeka panel alongside the flatlock and standing seam cladding gave this project such an individual look. The contrasting textures are a real standout feature of the exterior design, and bringing that to life was really rewarding for our team.

The Input from Our Roofing Specialists in Melbourne

Our scope of works for the Monash University Business School was to supply and install 1300m2 of Adeka cladding, flat lock cladding, standing seam cladding and roofing, including substrates and stainless box gutters. This was all installed on the new free-standing function pavilion, which is located on the existing level eight terrace. All material was VM Zinc in custom colour gold.

The Benefits of Standing Seam for Roofing

Standing seam cladding offers a wealth of benefits. There’s an almost endless array of design possibilities, with a variety of colours and finishes available as well as the ability to manipulate it into a range of shapes. Combine the standing seam with the Adeka panel and flatlock used for the Business School project and those design possibilities open up exponentially.

Standing seam cladding in Melbourne also offers flexibility on the sizes of the sheeting. Additionally, it boasts high sustainability and thermal performance, plus it’s ideal for buildings that demand an extra level of security.

To learn more, contact Industry Cladding & Roofing today.

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Zinnia Project

Zinnia Project Update

Together with Intracon, Industry Cladding & Roofing has been working away on this project for the last few months and it’s almost complete. Totalling 1000m2 of standing seam roof and facade cladding, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project. We really love how well the colours and textures of these materials work together and we feel that the finished product really does speak for itself.

Standing Seam Cladding

Standing seam cladding around Melbourne is our specialty. This form of cladding uses wide, flat panels that overlap with a defined seam, creating a stunning design element. The straight lines are dynamic and give a low maintenance design that will stand the test of time. The metals used in this project are weather and rust resistant, ensuring the building will retain its stunning aesthetic for years to come.

The standing seam roof and facade are the real features of this project. A product loved by many builders and architects for its traditional design, standing seam offers freedom in design as it can adapt and complement almost any roof shape.

The Result

The Charcoal Black and Golden Bark Express Panel facade references both the local buildings and natural environment, providing a rare opportunity to inhabit a modern dwelling at the gateway to Yarraville and its greater retail and commercial precinct.

All products used on this project have been supplied to us by Archclad, including the standing seam cladding in Silver Grey for walls and roof, and the Charcoal Black and Golden Bark Express Panel for the facade.

University of Woolongong

University of Woolongong

University of Woolongong

We are excited to announce that in early December we opened our NSW branch, kicking off with the exciting University of Woolongong student accommodation project. The 800 bed Kooloobong site at University of Woolongong consists of three 8-storey buildings for student accommodation that are already constructed and fully scaffolded. Our cladding systems have been specifically designed to allow for installation around all of the scaffold ties, throwing up a few challenges but due to the open communication and productive design meetings with the team at Hutchinson Builders, the project is now underway.
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